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MUSICbox is an all-in-one PC-based background music and messaging delivery system for businesses. With MUSICbox, users experience the flexibility of on-demand access to a vast library of music that is fully-licensed for background use in a commercial environment. With unlimited choice, MUSICbox provides users full control over the music that plays in their establishment, allowing the creation of a signature sound and the right ambiance for patrons. MUSICbox is backed by a 24-hour technical support team.

See The MUSICbox Specs Sheet

Key Features Of MUSICbox

    Sound Zoning

    For multi-zoned properties, MUSICbox can designate different areas of a property to receive certain types of music. For example, Jazz can play in a restaurant zone, while Classic Rock plays in the bar and Classical plays through Music On Hold.


e-MUSICbox is an electronically delivered, eco-friendly music player. While competing music service providers all rely on a piece of hardware (Satellite Dish, Receiver, Player, etc.) that can malfunction, the e-MUSICbox is a downloadable business music player that plays the music directly from your PC, not only eliminating the need for any equipment, but also reducing the carbon footprint for your business in the process. With e-MUSICbox there is nothing to ship, no Styrofoam inserts, and no cardboard boxes to throw away. e-MUSICbox software installs directly on your existing computer; it’s that simple.

CobraNet Enabled MUSICbox

The CobraNet® MUSICbox is designed specifically for properties that utilize a CobraNet® Head End and distribution system. With MUSICbox, any zone can be assigned to any location on the network. The CobraNet® enabled MUSICbox is the only music service that outputs up to 64 independent sound environments directly over CobraNet® from one 3U Rack Mount System with true 100% digital sound directly into the CobraNet® network. Large properties now have complete control of their music ambiance with distinct sound zones from one 3U Rack Mount MUSICbox. CobraNet® Enabled MUSICbox is currently being used in high profile Hotels, Casinos and Theme parks around the world.